Lighting and Special

Color Code:

Color Strobe
High Speed color wheel in front of a bright white light mounted in a small box, produces bright color flashes. (all)

Sonna Scanner
White light aimed at a mirror that rotates to the beat of the music chasing in a large circle on the ceiling. (white)

Police Beacon
The “Bubble gum machine”, rotating light formerly found on police cars. Small model 12″/par 36 dual lamp.

Police Beacon
Large model 14″ /par 48 dual lamp variable colors on either.

Strobe Light
Stop-action variable by remote control 50/watt/sec. 150/watt/sec with variable intensity. (white)

Black Light
Ultraviolet florescent light fixtures 4″ long makes white and florescent colors “glow in the dark”.

Traffic Light
Full size regular outdoor traffic light (red)(yellow)(green)

A diamond composed of light dots of different colors that rotates to the beat.

Light Bar
4 flood lights mounted on a bar with a single cord to controller for chase, dim, flash and all on use (red)(blue)(green)(yellow)

Fan Light Bar
4/3 lens flat beam projectors with controller, all bar mounted with chaser (all)

Mirror Ball
12 inch ball, basketball size, with 2 rain lights (red) & (blue), motor, stand & switch box
16 inch ball, beach ball size, etc.
20 inch ball, with special “starwars” lights & motor

18″ tube with an off balance (all) center mirrored drum that rotates to the beat, 2 lights shine from each end, 4 gobos

10 lenses (all) in a 120 degree arc with 2 bulbs & cris crossing beams to the beat…will do very large areas.

Rotating convex dish of round (all) mirrors that rotate to the beat and project 7 different gobos usually on the ceiling

Floor effect that will spin to the beat while either staying on or comming on with the beat. Varied patters. (all)

A circle of multi-color that spins to the beat either always on or on with the beat. (all)

Two 50w/sec strobe lights that rotate in one plane while spinning in opposite directions in the perpendicular plane. Constant speed. (white)

An intelligent light fixture that rotates 360 degrees and tilts 274 degrees. The light features 12 colors plus white and 12 gobo patterns. DMX capable & digital dimmer 250 watts each. Very easy set up! (all)

Very similar to Diva. Smaller, lighter and 300 watts vs. 600 watts. Sound to light activated as well as multicolored. (all)

Gobo Teck
Gobos [4 changeable] that sweep in an arch that changes directions and speed to the beat, then stops, all the while the gobos rotate, usually on the ceiling. (all)

Battle Star Beacon
5 beacons mounted on 6″ cube and hung from a mirror ball motor that rotates the cube as the beacons rotate very bright and suitable for large rooms (red)(green)(white)

A “light mine” type fixture with 500 watt bulb inside a metal ball with tubes that stick out with lenses at the end of each tube, the entire object rotates slowly…much like a high tech mirror ball effect. (white)

Prism with mirrored walls form a multi-beam tunnel of colored dots that rotate, change colors and sweep side to side (all), large and bright.

8 (all) colored lenses arranged in a 2-4-2 pattern with 3 lamps behind them which switch on and off, causing scramble sweeping, and rotating bar patterns all to the beat and changed by a timer automatically (my second favorite item)

Double Derby
10 (all) colored lenses in a 120 degree arc, same action as above Rope Lights Flexible light tubes in specific and multicolor strands with controllers rental included 2/16′ lengths and controller extra strands are $8 each. (red)(green)(blue)(white)(all)

Red laser lights that make geometric patterns that can be projected on while surfaces or suspended in air by being projected on fog…medium fog machine included in price.

An 18″ diameter space ship that tumbles, spins and hovers in every plane…covers every part of a room that is not shadowed (my favorite item and the newest addition) works well in nearly all size rooms (all)

Fog machines:
Light fog for small rooms or light mist in large rooms
Medium fog for Medium fog in most rooms
Super fog for heavy fog in rooms up double gyms
All fog machines are supplied full of fog juice, remote control & extension cord.

Bubble Machines:
For bubbles like Lawrence Welk Show. Price includes bubble juice, extension cord and foot swtich.

Confetti Cannons
Spews a discharge of shredded paper, confetti and streamers, comes with one charge. Extra charges are each.